EDISON, NJ – Clues emerge on the possible location of the unmarked time capsule that was buried in 1989 at James Monroe School.

Recently, one mother’s memento of her daughter’s childhood could possibly reveal clues to the missing time capsule. Linda Kukor, mother of then 4th grader Kimberly Kukor saved the program of time capsule ceremony.

On cover of the “Arbor Day Time Capsule Ceremony” program has a handwritten note “Buried 4/28/89 in the garden near the gym.” The time capsule was buried April 28, 1989 on the birthday of the schools namesake, James Monroe.

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At the bottom of the program it is written, “Return to James Monroe School the last Friday in April in the year 2014 to open time capsule.” April 25 was the last Friday of the month and with the destruction of the school four weeks prior, the school is completely closed off pending demolition.

Regarding the memory of the time capsule, Kimberly Kukor said in an email, “It's a part of my childhood as well as all the students from that time and we waited for the time to come so we could finish what we started back then.”

Linda Kukor described the contents of her daughter’s contributions to the time capsule on the cover of the program.  Your 4th grade class picture. A thank note you wrote to the 25th Anniversary Committee, and some your school work.

“I think the importance of finding this time capsule would be significant for many reasons. It's a project we had done as children with the expectation of returning as adults to see the contents that were buried,” said Kimberly Kukor. “Also the current students of the school today would be able to see what school was like 25 years ago without the use of all the technology of the present time.” 

Time is running out to locate the time capsule with demolition of the school after the horrific fire in March imminent.