With three weeks until election day State Senator Patrick Diegnan and Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak affirmed their commitment to address the crisis of ever ballooning college debt

.The legislators support a package of bills to reform the state’s student loan program, and to help borrowers who are facing financial hardships as a result of the agency’s policies and collection methods. 

"This needed and timely legislation will help establish guidelines for families, but also boundaries so that Higher Education Student Assistance Authority is not issuing loans that are in excess of what a student and their struggling families can manage over the long-term," said Diegnan (D-Middlesex). "Moreover, we want state policy to address the need for reasonable repayment agreements so that students and families are not destined for bankruptcy or a lifetime of insurmountable debt; we need our young men and women out in the workforce earning and contributing to our economy.  A particular outrage is the attempts by HESAA to collect payment from the families of deceased or disabled students."
The legislators, who are candidates for re-election this November have made college affordability a major theme of their joint campaign. Senator Diegnan and Assemblyman Karabinchak are also supporting a comprehensive legislative package aimed at helping New Jersey residents better navigate the college process before, during and after their time on campus

"Far too many students today are simply not prepared to enter college which leads them to accrue crushing student loan debt. We need to provide a path to a debt-free future by allowing high school students access and exposure to college curricula in high school," said Karabinchak (D-Middlesex). "The goal is to make sure students in New Jersey fully understand the academic preparations for, and furthermore for them and their parents the financial implications of their college choices. We need to increase their ability to successfully complete a college education without crippling them financially for a lifetime."

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