EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ -   On Election Day, residents of East Brunswick chose a new mayor who promises to bring a "customer service mentality" to the government of our township.  As of today, Brad Cohen, along with re-elected Councilman Michael Spadafino and newly-elected Councilman Sterley Stanley, plans to create an environment of respect and cooperation that "leaves party stuff at the door."

Cohen won an election that reflected the choices of 17,557 voters in East Brunswick.  Cohen defeated Republican James Wendell, garnering 9,302 votes to 8,255 for the current Councilman.  Wendell remains on the East Brunswick Township Council along with Council President Michael Hughes; Councilwoman Camille Ferraro-Clark, who lost her bid for State Assemblywoman for the 18th District to Robert Karabinchak; Spadafino, and Stanley.  Councilwoman Denise Contrino will conclude her term at the end of this year.

"I don't think I ran a nasty campaign, "said Cohen, " I think people voted for me at least in part for doing that."  Cohen also acknowledged the general success of the Democrats seeking election county-wide.  The success of the party at the local, county, and state level was contrasted by the election of Republican Donald Trump as President.

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"Looking at life outside of New Jersey," continued Cohen, "I see how we got there [Trump's election]  with a clearer vision.Hordesof people attended Trump's rallies everywhere he went.  We were done a disservice by the media who did not show us that.  There are lots of angry people and some suppressed bigotry.  Kids are coming out of schools with no jobs and burned by crushing debt.  Only Trump and Bernie [Sanders[ were talking to them.  A large portion of the country was left out."

"I don't respect Trump.  I respect the office of the President of the United States.  I am an optimist.  I hope he is successful.  I do not want him to fail, " said Cohen.

Discussing matters closer to home,  Cohen added, "I think the town is going in the right direction."  He was grateful for having been contacted by Council Members Hughes, Clark and Wendell.  "I think we can make things better."