On Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at the Edison Arts Society Gallery, 100 Municipal Boulevard,

3rd floor in Edison a collection of the works of Gloria S. Dittman will be on exhibit.  This is

a unique collection of embroidery, crewel and needlepoint.

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The art of embroidery has been found worldwide and several early examples have been found 

in China -- the Warring States between 5th - 3rd century BC.  Embroidery 

designs are applied without regard to the weave of the underlying fabric.  The thin type of 

thread designates it as embroidery; a thicker wool yarn indicates crewel.

Crewel work is a type of surface embroidery using wool.  A wide variety of this type of 

embroidery stitches are used to follow a design outline on the fabric.


Needle point dates back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians.  Samples have been

found in a Pharaoh's cave in 1500 BC.  In the 17th Century and throughout the 18th 

Bargello was the rage and favored to be used in a variety of furniture pieces.  This type

of craft  influenced the "Arts & Crafts Movement" and  was a major contribution to the 

resurgence of the textile art.


Dittman has enjoyed needle work since her childhood.  Growing up in Newark, NJ where there were 

few playgrounds, her mother taught her the basics.  Dittman states, "needle work is the closest I can come to being an artist.   I hope everyone will come and enjoy is very old art form."

The official opening will be on Wednesday, May 24 at 6:30 pm at the EAS Gallery in the 

Edison Municipal Building, 100 Municipal Boulevard, 3rd floor, in Edison.  

At that time the Edison Arts Society will also award three scholarships.  One to art student at Edison

High School, J. P. Stevens High School and Middlesex County College.  This is the third

consecutive year that EAS has awarded the Edison Arts Society-Angelo Orlando art scholarships.

Membership for the Society is still available.  It is less than $3 a month.  Please call for more

information -- 732.548.9134