The Edison Arts Society (EAS) supports all the arts.  When EAS learned that the

Fathers' Club at the St. Matthew's R.C. church was to produce NUNSENSE we contacted Mr.

Jose Ortiz with the hope we could collaborate on the project.

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EAS made a sizeable contribution to the production.  As you can see from the photograph,

many of the nuns were men.  It was a very successful event and talks are in the works for

a follow-up play next year.

Gloria S. Dittman, president of EAS, said:  "EAS supports the arts whenever and wherever we

can."  The exhibits at the Metuchen Inn and the EAs Gallery (Edison Town Hall) will be

there for just a few more days.  A reception will be held on Wednesday, May 24 at 6:30 pm

at the Edison Town Hall and all are invited.  EAS will also present the EAS Angelo Orlando

artists scholarships.  Need more information?  Call:  732.548.9134