1. Why are you running for Board of Education?

I am running for the Board of Education to ensure that Edison continues to provide a quality public education to all children in the district. I feel it is essential to advocate for the children, especially as state mandates continue to play a bigger role in public education. It is critical that we prepare all of Edison's students for whatever path they choose to take upon graduation from high school.

2. What do you hope to accomplish?

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 I hope to continue my ongoing  support of the students, staff, and taxpayers in an effort to remain a top school district in the state of New Jersey. I also want to continue to work toward achieving equity across the district.

Because students have many different strengths and interests, I am dedicated to supporting opportunities in academics, athletics, and the visual and performing arts, as well as a wide variety of co-curricular programs. These are all categories in which Edison students excel in at every grade level.

3. About Deborah A. Anes​

I moved to Edison twenty years ago, as my husband and I wanted to live in an area where the public school system was superior. We quickly decided to move to Edison after finding that the schools were among the best in New Jersey. When my oldest child started kindergarten I  became involved in the PTA at his elementary school. In the following years I held the positions of Treasurer, Co-President and eventually President. After a number of years, I decided that I wanted to become more involved than just at my children's school and decided to run for the Board of Education. I had been attending monthly Caucus and Action meetings for two years.  My oldest child has now graduated from the Edison Public Schools and my youngest child still attends high school here.
  In addition to the Board of Education, I am also involved in other volunteer efforts, including my religious community and C.A.R.E.

4. Summary

It has been a privilege working as a member of the Edison Board of Education for the last 9+ years. We have overcome many obstacles during my tenure, and I hope to continue to represent my community in this capacity. I have proven that I am a dedicated, approachable volunteer with no personal agenda. I have supported the students and staff by being a presence in the schools and attending assemblies, performances, programs of recognition, and celebrations when invited. I have been an active supporter of the PTA's and PTO's at the schools in which I have been appointed as their BOE liaison. I attend their meetings each month and present the parents with an update of district news while encouraging them to ask questions about any topics within their schools or district wide. This has allowed me to bring feedback to the central administrators in order to address any concerns the parents have. I have participated in Read Across America, reading to 12-15 classes across the district each year, which has given me another opportunity to spend time with the students in the classroom, and discuss the importance of reading with them. Children are always very welcoming and love to be read to, and I find it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of being a board member.

Over the years, I have attended numerous events in the community in which Edison students are recognized for their accomplishments. Some of these events include Chinese New Year celebrations, Eagle Scout ceremonies and Chamber of Commerce awards. I believe I have shown that I am dedicated to the children in this community and give countless hours to show my support.