1. Why are you running for the Board of Education?

 “Giving Back” to the community is an option that all residents should consider if possible.  Helping to shape our community’s institutions to be more responsive to its citizens needs  is an opportunity that I did not want to pass up.  Our school system is such a critical part of our community, serving on its board would be a responsivity I would be honored to accept.

2. What do you hope to accomplish?

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My goals are simple.  Having been a resident of Edison Township for the past 40 years, I have benefitted in many ways including the education of my three children (all of which have college degrees) and rising property values.  It is my goal to help provide this same opportunity for all of our citizens well into the future.  For this to continue, it is of primary importance that our highly rated school system maintain a “search for excellence” that is second to none.  A school system that achieves this goal will provide us with rising property values and stable taxes, which is vital to all of us but in particular to our Senior Citizens.  However, this can only occur within an efficient school system education that controls its overall cost per child profile.

3. About Dennis Pipala

I am a retired resident of Edison Township holding degrees in Civil Engineering and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  I have 45 years of work experience with six different major corporations including both U.S. and International assignments.  I created and operated my own Distribution Company for ten years prior to my retirement. In the past I have served on the Board of Education, State committees on school assessments, and am currently on the Edison Planning Board.

4. Summary

Thanks for the opportunity to provide my thoughts- I welcome any additional questions.