EDISON, NJ - Sayreville came into Edison Friday night and outlasted their opponent with a score of 18-13.  

Both teams got out to sort of a slow start, both going three-and-out on their first two drives.

That would change shortly.

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On Edison’s next drive, Quarterback Justin Turner and wide receiver Keanu Reed would hook up on a 69-yard touchdown pass to put the game at 6-0.  

The Eagles gained momentum, but, they could not get the full control they wanted to.

Sayreville slowly stuck around despite having to punt the ball away a number of times.  

The Bombers tied the game up at 6 with 1:24 left in the first quarter.  

The second quarter featured strong defense from both sides.

Edison cracked Sayreville's defense at 5:35 on a long run by running back Sincere Williams.

The two teams would end the first half with Edison leading 13-6.  

The third quarter is where Sayreville changed the pace of the game.

It all happened on a questionable call that went against Edison.

What looked like a long reception TD run by wide receiver Josiah Smith-Velez, would eventually be over turned by officials with a fumble and a touchback, turning the ball over to the Bombers.  

The officials ruled that Velez fumbled the ball right before breaking the plane into the end-zone and the ball went out of play.

Sayreville went on to score on the next drive to put the game at 18-13 in their favor.  

Edison Head Coach Matt Fulham discussed that pivotal play in the game.

“I'll have to look at the film, but my initial reaction was (that) he broke the plane," said Fulham.  "From an officiating standpoint, I can't blame them.  We had opportunities after that to make a difference and we didn't."

The Eagles failed to convert late in the fourth quarter in the red zone.

Sayreville would go on to win the game by keeping the ball on the ground and chewing the clock out.  

"They're a well-coached and a hardnosed team, but I am proud of my guys tonight," said Fulham.

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