EDISON, NJ – Taking a passion for fashion to the next level, an Edison native takes her eye for color, patterns and experiences to a new blog.

A rising fashion blogger and 2008 Edison High School graduate, Alisha Parekh, launched her very own fashion blog, FLAWLISH.

“The name Flawlish resembles the word Flawless and connects with my name Alisha – creating FLAWLISH. It is ideal to always stay flawless no matter what you wear as long as you create a look that completes you,” said Parekh. “Flawless would turn into FLAWLISH because the reader is taking my outfit inspirations and turning it into their own flawless look.”

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Parekh graduated from Rutgers University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and started pursuing her dream in the fashion world. Wanting to share her love for fashion.

In September of 2014 Alisha took the initiative to launch her very own fashion blog, Flawlish. FlawLish includes styles that are simple, casual, edgy and sophisticated. Alisha prepares looks that people of all tastes could be interested in and use as inspiration.

Flawish is also a contributor to Lucky Magazine, where fashion lovers like and share her posts.

“Ever since I can remember, fashion has always been a big part of my life. I know a lot of fashion bloggers say that, but it couldn’t be any more true,” said Parekh. “I love clothes and enjoy putting pieces together whether it’s my own personal style or a look that I am trying to recreate from other fashion bloggers.”

Parekh has always expressed a deep interest in the arts ever since she was a little girl. In school, she always loved to color and doodle. While attending Rutgers, she learned to read notes and play the piano. She loves to sketch and draw on her free time.

Parekh loves decorating and re-designing her room as well as styling outfits for not only herself but for anyone who is willing to look trendy or mod. Some of her fashion inspirations include Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham, Stacey London and Jeannie Mai.

More recently, Parekh is planning a trip to India and is excited for her blog readers to experience her travels with her. She is thrilled to see what kinds of design ideas she can put together and capture for all her readers to see and enjoy.

Parekh is hoping that Flawlish gains more success overtime that will lead to more opportunities for her to spread her ideas and passion for fashion. And with great style as hers, she surely will reach her goal in no time!

Get a taste of her blog by following her on Instagram (@flawlish) and Twitter (@flawlish).