EDISON, NJ – Chamber of Commerce members and guests gathered Tuesday morning for their monthly meeting sponsored by Edison Chamber member Advanta Clean and welcomed guest speakers Police Chief Thomas Bryan and Mark Kataryniak, Director of Planning and Engineering

Before beginning a question and answer period, Chief Bryan stated, “Edison is a great community to raise children. The school system is awesome and Edison is one of the safest places to grow up, work and grow a business.”

Bryan also explained that Edison’s Neighborhood Watch is available for both neighborhoods and the business community.  He invited those businesses that wish to be involved in this initiative to put their name on the email list for a business watch.   “If something is happening in your area, the police department will then be able to inform you immediately.”

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He also reminded businesses and schools that the Edison Police Department can do a security assessment of their building at no charge.

In addressing security and technology, Bryan stated that his department is now researching Federal grants that would help to fund body cameras for all Edison police officers.

Health Director Mark Kataryniak began his portion of the morning highlighting his very busy department that deals with building and code enforcement, building permits and engineering. “Every day is hectic, but every day is interesting”

Kataryniak also mentioned, “We are in the process of rebuilding the department.  It is now one-fourth the size it was a couple of years ago, as we have a lot of activity in Edison.  This year alone there are over 150 new development applications in my office.  We have the right mix of residential, commercial and industrial development.”

 Kataryniak added that Edison has an aggressive plan to pave some streets and sewers throughout the community and is focusing on priority areas. “Over the next few weeks, we will be working on 6 miles of streets, and during the fall we will begin working on another 7 – 8 miles covering over 39 streets.  We also have an aggressive plan to improve sidewalks and handicap ramps.  We are also working with Edison business partners to find innovative ways to share the construction cost. ”

Edison Chamber of Commerce's Town Meetings occur on the first Tuesday of the month, eight times a year.  For more information about upcoming events, visit www.edisonchamber.com