The new school being built is good news. The bad part is the way it happened.

The school board was never given a full set of drawings and specifications in a timely manner for the board of education to review. There are a lot of material finishes that could be substituted to give the school an as equal feel and could save a lot of money.

The idea of saving parts of the foundation was not much of a savings and could cost additional money .There were items like generators and air-conditioning that are not requirements (nice add to hospitals and senior centers ), but the public was never made truly aware.

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There is a fact that either the architect or superintendent or board of education are behind the deception to the public. They do not have anyone with enough experience in construction except the superintendent who does have some experience, but is not qualified to oversee such a project (cost analysis), this is akin to representing yourself in court ,you can do it but it is not wise.

I, myself, offered free of any and all charges to the board and the superintendent to look over there plans and specifications, the organizations could not get the required documents, this review is normally done prior to bidding the project to determine the completeness of the documents to avoid costly change orders. The review is also to look for alternative materials that will show cost savings in material and or labor without taking away from the project, example (there could be cost savings of over $120,000 in flooring that the general public could never tell the difference in material with no loss of durability with just changing a few numbers in a specification) my personal feeling is the BOE will be voted out of office after all the change orders come in and a review of the cost that could have been saved.

I will never vote against improving my town, but if we could save it would be nice to spend that money on repairs to other schools or better upgrades. I also have read that they are going to do even more repairs and upgrades to the other schools and I again question the expertise in this field.

I supported the board of education in our town as they have kept the academic standards as high as when I attended in 1980, but this is just total neglect that is the sad part. I do think it could be time for a change or at least an explanation

Thank You,

Richard Brescher

Edison, NJ

Editor’s Note: Richard Brescher is a partner with JAB Associates. JAB Associates is a General Contractor and Construction Manager specializing in commercial, institutional, retail and residential construction in the New York/New Jersey area.