The Edison council removed the resolution on moving school board elections from November to April from their agenda during their meeting on December 11th. The council had re-visited the idea of moving the election back to April because of politicization of the recent Board of Education election.  Councilman Diehl made a motion to remove the resolution from the agenda. All council members voted in favor of removing the resolution. The conclusion of the vote met with huge applause from the audience that was filled with educators. Councilman Diehl also asked for commitment from all other members in putting together a resolution that would make it criminal to use logos such as that of the Middlesex County Democratic Organization (MCDO), without actual endorsement. The council will be working together to pass such an ordinance.

As background, the topic was heavily discussed during the previous two meetings of the council. A suggestion was first made by Council Member Diehl during the meeting held on November 13th. He was concerned about the level of political interference in the Board of Education elections. According to New Jersey School Board Association (NJSBA), school elections should be nonpartisan. Based on the law signed by Governor Christie in January 2012, there are three ways districts can move the November election to April and vice versa – a. board of education can pass a resolution; b. Council can pass a resolution, or c. voters can approve a public question during the November General Election. If the resolution would have passed, it would have been binding to hold school board elections in April for four continuous years.