1. Why are you running for Township Council?

My name is Ashok J. Nayee and I served our country in the United States Navy and now I want to continue my service by making Edison Township government more affordable and accountable. I am running for Council to make our township government more efficient and effective by bringing balance to our budget and local government.

2. What specific things do you hope to accomplish?

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By running our community efficiently and effectively, we provide township residents with the property tax relief they deserve. Our municipal property taxes have increased 12% in the last two years without any increase in services to our residents. This is unsustainable and we need leadership that puts property taxpayers first.

Attending Edison Township council work sessions and regular meetings in recent months, I have realized the contracts awarded by our township are often approved with little to no discussion with rubberstamp approval by most of the members of the Council.  If I am elected, I would award contracts to the most qualified bidder at the lowest cost to ensure that taxpayers get the biggest bang for their buck.  I have the experience and commitment to provide responsible oversight of our township budget, to ensure efficient, consistent delivery of public services.  As a Deputy Chief Engineer of Project Management Oversight office, I will lead by listening, promoting transparency, and consistently involved people in the decision that affect cost controls measures.

The other observation I have made is we do not have balance in our township government. One-party government has stifled innovative and creative ideas and denied our residents the check and balance necessary to hold politicians accountable for their actions. A balanced, bi-partisan government will force politicians to be more transparent and make government run more efficiently.

3. About Ashok J. Nayee

As a recipient of Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal from United State Navy, I know how to eliminate error, increase efficiency and effectively managing assigned man-power, control cost and getting things done in timely manner. I have held the rank of Lieutenant in the Civil Engineering Corp program of the United State Navy Seabees and was an Engineering Officer for the Naval Mobilization Construction Battalion Twenty-One (NMCB-21) Ops Shop. I hold two Master’s degrees, MBA in Management and Master in Engineering with Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

I have served our country and now it is time for me to serve our community.  My vision is to bring balance in our community by budgeting the way our families and small businesses do, striving to do more with less money.  I want to use my experience and energy to end embarrassing headlines coming from Town Hall, safeguard against lawsuits and legal settlements that are burdening township taxpayers and bring both parties together to plan a bright future for Edison.