1. Why are you running for Township Council?

 First I would like to thank those who supported me in the last two elections. I am asking again for your continuing support in November.

As most of you know I was elected as a Democrat. Throughout my life, I have strived to be objective and fiercely independent. My dedication for running for office was fueled by my desire to give back to the community where I started my family and raised my children. First and foremost, my loyalty lies with my neighbors, fellow residents and taxpayers of Edison, not party bosses.

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I refuse to be a rubberstamp, blindly supporting an agenda that is taking our Township down a road of fiscal ruin. I have disagreed with my party when it was wrong, but as of late, there wasn’t much to agree to anymore. Over the last two years, local property taxes have gone up 12% without any increase in services. We continue to settle lawsuits that subject taxpayers to pay for the mistakes of politicians. I didn’t leave the Democrat party, my party left me.

Edison is a diverse community with over 100,000 residents who call our town home and we deserve independent leadership that is free from pressure from party bosses and dedicated to manage our local government like our families and seniors manage their households. This administration thinks they can shake the negative headlines our Town has received by hiring a taxpayer funded PR firm. What we need is real solutions to clean up this mess once and for all.

2. What specific things do you hope to accomplish?

Edison needs to have a full time mayor it’s just too big and being that we can’t seem to hire the correct personal we need someone there full time moving the township forward. In my eight years in office the township has had a least 5 CFO’s and we have not had a Public Works Director for 8 months. Instead of the generous contracts that have been given to police & fire we need to look at what the rest of the township workers receive

Maybe then we can get the right personal. 

We also need new business to offset residential property taxes and end the scandals at Town hall so the taxpayers aren’t on the hook to pay outrageous legal bills.  We just need to do more with less money from our taxpayers.

3. About Wayne Mascola

I have live in Edison for 34 years with my wife Carol and our 4 children and we have 3 grandchildren. I have been VP on the Council twice and President for 5 months.

Some of the committee’s that I sat on,  Planning Board , Library Board,  Finance Committee, Public Works, Public Safety, Landfill.