EDISON, NJ – The Edison Township Council publically recognized Jeff Xie for his achievement as the 2014 champion of the 29th annual “Jeopardy! Teen Tournament.”

Xie was selected from amongst 8,754 potential contestants from across the United States and Canada after completing a 50 online questionnaire. He was then invited to participate in regional auditions along with 250 other hopeful contestants facing another 50 question exam, oral interview and mock "Jeopardy!" game. Jeff was then chosen as one of final 15 contestants

“I want to offer my gratitude to everyone in Edison who has helped me along the way,” Xie said after the reading of the Resolution of Recognition. “I want to thank my mom who helped make me into the man I am today and to my sister who handles my publicity.”

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Councilwoman Sapana Shah put Xie through a mini "Jeopardy!" challenge before actually presenting him the resolution. Xie had to answer the following battery of questions.

1. Mary had a little lamb were the first words spoken into this Edison invention.

What is a phonograph?

2. The very first place that Thomas Edison switched on the first incandescent light bulb.

What is Menlo Park?

3. Charles Edison, one Thomas Edison’s five children was the 42nd governor of what state?

What is New Jersey?

The council bestowed many compliments and accolades upon Jeff as he answered all the challenge questions correctly.

Edison Council President Robert Karabincha stated he doesn’t’ normally watch “Jeopardy!”, but when he heard that a student  from J.P. Stevens, where he graduated from was on the show he had to tune in.

“Watching it you made me as an Edison resident feel proud,” said Council President Karabincha.


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