TRENTON, NJ -- The Edison Township Education Association affirms its steadfast support of William Araujo, Carol Bodofsky, Elizabeth Conway, and Beth Moroney for Edison Township School Board, despite attacks from an outside Political Action Committee called People for Progress.

“As educators, we feel that it is important to elect school board members who not only have the best interests of taxpayers in mind, but the best interests of students,” explained ETEA President Jeffrey Bowden. “We carefully screened all of the candidates and endorsed those who will work for Edison’s children.”

Local associations throughout New Jersey routinely screen school board candidates and support those most likely to collaborate with educators, administrators, and the community to ensure districts can successfully accommodate the needs of students, families, and taxpayers.

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“Our greatest asset in Edison is our children. We want to make sure that those who serve on the board put our children first,” added Bowden. “We believe our students deserve well-maintained schools, up-to-date resources, and the best educators and educational support professionals working with them. I resent People for Progress or any other outside group coming into our community and denigrating my members and the important work they do.”

E-mails sent by People for Progress insinuate that ETEA members would benefit financially from electing school board members who are teachers and union members. However, school board members who are employed by public schools and union members are often barred from contract negotiations under the School Ethics Commission.

“ETEA endorsed William Araujo, Carol Bodofsky, Elizabeth Conway, and Beth Moroney so that we could continue to move education forward in Edison,” added Bowden. “We are fortunate to have candidates with educational backgrounds who are willing to use their expertise to serve our students and community.” 

Jeffrey Bowden, ETEA president, (732) 287-4322
Dawn Hiltner, NJEA Communications, (609) 599-4561 ext. 2320