Here we are beginning the Board of Education election season. Recently I moved back to Edison after 10 years in South Carolina and expected some improvements in local government, specifically the BOE. Not so.

A mostly clueless board is still granting ridiculous raises to the superintendent and unions in exchange for nothing except higher taxes. The reason you are paying $1,000 or more per month to live in your own home is simple...administrative and teacher contracts negotiated by amateur BOE members in years past.

Mr. Errico (member of the state’s administrative union) & Dennis Pipala were party to the contracts we live with today. Now they want your vote.

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I was a member of this board for 3-three year terms and saw firsthand how members such as the aforementioned "negotiated" salaries with far reaching impact. While the NJEA sent professional negotiators, we sent people afraid to be tough at the bargaining table because they had children in the system or relatives. How ridiculous to have members of the same union decide salary and benefits for the same state union.

So here we go again. Well-meaning citizens to whom high taxes are a mere distraction without the willingness to clamp down on union demands.

Philip G. Labasi