WHITTING, NJ – A former Edison resident and Navy veteran has recently fallen on hard times. He turned to the internet and to an old Edison High School friend for a little help.

William “Bill” Cutter grew up in Edison and graduated high school there and was the son of a former Edison Police Officer.

Bill’s story starts after graduation when he joined the Navy. One morning, during physical training, he blew out his back so badly he required a medical discharge. Since then Bill, life hasn’t been that kind to Bill.

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Over the years, as his back condition worsened, he was forced to give up, one by one, the things that made him happy – riding his motorcycle, pretty much any activity involving physical strain. His worsening injuries, combined with other traumas in his personal life, led to battles with depression, which, combined with the effects of the medication required to combat the pain and depression, led him to give up his first love – performing magic for audiences.

Even after the death of his father, an Edison police officer, he maintained his humor and took care of his mom until her death a few years ago.

“I have known Bill Cutter for over 40 years. When I think of him in our younger days, I think of the comic magician who played as well to children’s parties as to a crowd of adults at the Corner Tavern in New Brunswick,” Jeff Dunsavage, a lifelong friend.

Despite his physical troubles, Bill always worked until he was physically unable to. After his discharge from the Navy, he went back to school and got an associate’s degree in accounting/business from Ocean County College, then a BA in Political Science and Marketing from Monmouth College.

He has worked in Corporate Sales for a computer company and for Hewlett-Packard in its printer division.

“He was talented, but more than that he was authentic,” added Dunsavage. “I can’t help thinking of our high school days, when he was one of the only guys with a car. He was always there to transport our crowd, never asked for or would accept gas money.”

Today, his condition makes most kinds of work impossible. Lifting, sitting or being on his feet too long, even personal interaction is difficult for him to bear. He suffers from numbness in 95% of his body due to the back injury and a disk pressing on the sack around his spinal cord. He also has kidney and liver issues related to his medications.

His financial conditions require him to live in low-rent situations, and he gets most of his food from food banks. His entire income is from VA Disability benefits.

“No one should have to live like this, least of all someone who was injured so early in life while attempting to serve his country,” concluded Dunsavage. “Bill is a good, caring person who manages to maintain his humor under circumstances that would cause most of us to simply fold up, go catatonic, and die.”

Bill needs to $4,500 to buy a used car. If you would like to donate to Bill’s cause at GoFundMe, click on Help a Disabled Veteran Get a Car.