EDISON, NJ - Hundreds of representatives of various cultural and social organizations from New Jersey and New York gathered at Royal Albert’s Palace in Edison to celebrate India’s 66th Republic Day this past Sunday.

The event, organized by the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA, president, Juned Qazi led the procession with Harkesh Thakur dynamic supporter of the INOC. The event proved to be a great show of unity among people of Indian origin.

The INOC is a voluntary organization of supporters of India’s Congress Party, marched in procession with people holding Indian and US flags that converged in the parking lot where firework was played to express the joy and happiness on the national occasion.

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The celebration of Republic day was very colorful with vibrant patriotic dance performance by Navrang Dance Academy showcasing India’s cultural part.

 “It is time to give back to the land where we came from. India, the largest democracy in the world, had emerged as a formidable nation with a fast growing economy because of the values ingrained in its constitution, which was adopted by the Indian Parliament in 1950”, said Oazi, flanked by community leaders on the stage.

Qazi complimented the author of the India’s constitution, Baba Saheb Ambdedkar, who had handwritten the constitution that guided the nation to progress and prosperity.

Qazi, who hails from a family of Congress supporters in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, avoided any criticism of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party of India, while emphasizing upon the ultimate power of people in a democracy.

“The Indian Constitution has empowered the people of India to choose its government utilizing the right to vote,” Oazi said. “It was a great accomplishment for a big nation like India.”

He sought the support of the people of India for a strong opposition party in a parliament and hoped that they would favor the Congress Party to emerge as a strong and responsible opposition party so that it could ensure that the government policies were geared towards welfare of the common man and not designed to help any interest group.

Qazi pointed out that his thoughts were inspired by the policies of Congress leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh.

Qazi thanked his team members. Prominent among them were Harkesh Thakur, Advisor and Ram Gadula, Executive Member, INOC. Both of them played vital role in mobilizing support from the wider section of community and leaders. They urged the audience to help organize even bigger events to celebrate India’s national celebrations in future.

Others who spoke on the occasion included Sabina Ali, Executive Members, INOC, Vidhya Bhushan Sharma, Sonia Sodhi, MP Pradesh Chapter of INOC, Anil Patel of ICS, Viru Patel, Col. Virendera Tavathia, Rahul Singh Thakur, Mahesh Patel, Bharat Pij, Thakur Balsara, Mr.Doshi and Rumpy Bindra.

Qazi frequently demonstrated his loyalty for the Congress party in India in the past. He entered into the fray of Lok Sabha election campaign in 2014 from Aligarh and quickly turned his efforts toward connecting with the common man in the street. His untiring efforts to mobilize support from various quarters in the community didn’t go unnoticed by the INOC, USA, whose members elected him its president.

According to some of the Executive Members of INOC, Qazi was launching a campaign to revitalize the party to bring back its lost glory. Without mentioning names of Congress leaders he sent the message of ‘National Unity’ in the Indian-American community.

As a well-known community activist, Qazi enjoys support from various sections in the community. With his passionate speeches, he won admiration of various sections of the Indian American communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

“I want India to see India grow as a secular nation. The youth of India are poised for a big growth. But unemployment is hurting the goals of young India”, stated Oazi.

He said that he will not allow religion, or other sectarian considerations come in way for unity of people of Indian origin.