EDISON, NJ - Just last week, the Junior Varsity Track team of John P. Stevens High School ended its season for the year. Track athlete, Jamina Morris, junior lead the charge.

Morris' preference in terms of track is sprinting, which means she attempts to get to her goal in the smallest amount of time possible whereas a long-distance runner might focus on conditioning, where they basically have to practice sprinting for not only improving their overall stamina but to increase their endurance among themselves.

As a sprinter, Jamina is involved with mostly everything that requires the use of her agility.

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"It's a wonderful and amazing thing to channel my energy into something good for the school." Morris commented.

Coach Martinez said she has a bright future if she considers joining the Olympics. "I honestly believe that anyone who demonstrates such commitment should consider going pro."

"I believe I could actually do this professionally," Morris responded.

The choice is up to Jamina on how to make use of her talent.

Outside of track, Jamina focuses on her schoolwork and socialization by working hard in her classes and hanging out with her friends.

"I can't believe it's one more year then it will all be over." Morris added.

For most students entering senior year from junior year is a very emotional time to depart from teenage life to a young adult.

Morris plans to keep pushing her limits as a sprinter and keep herself in shape over the summer and prepare for her final year as a senior on the Track Team next year.

David Stevenson, a freshman at J.P. Stevens High School, is participating in the journalism internship program with TAP into Edison.