Dear Editor,

The September 10 story “Edison Residents Address Concerns of Pilgrim Pipeline Construction” reported several assertions about the proposed project that are based on misinformation. 

 The Pilgrim Pipeline is an underground steel pipeline that aims to upgrade the region’s energy infrastructure while decreasing reliance on outdated modes of transportation for critical fuels. The double pipeline will run from Albany to New York Harbor, transporting crude oil south and refined products like gasoline, diesel and home heating oil north. While it is true that Bakken crude oil from North Dakota will be transported south, it is important to understand that the volatility of any crude oil is rendered moot inside a pipeline, since gases have no means of separating out and forming the vapor pockets related to explosions that occur in other modes of transport.

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 Also, there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the need for pumping stations and their impact on air quality. Unlike highly pressurized natural gas pipelines, Pilgrim’s two pipelines require only one pumping station at the starting point of each pipeline, and one in the middle (which falls in New York state), and the stations run off the electrical grid, thus avoiding emissions.

 Pilgrim’s goal is to create a reliable, efficient and state-of-the-art underground pipeline that reduces barge traffic in the area and creates an alternative to rail. The pipeline will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to current modes of transporting fuel. We are proud of this initiative and eager to correct any misunderstandings about the details of the project.

 George Bochis

Vice President of Development

Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings, LLC