A number of residents from Edison, Fords,  Scotch Plains and surrounding areas were part of "Team USA," representing the United States at the Kimura Shukokai International (KSI) World Tournament held in the Annexte Globe Stadium in  Stockholm, Sweden between July 18th and  21st.  The tournament featured over 600 participants from 15 different countries, including the 54-member Team USA, competing in events featuring "kata" and "kumite" according to a release issued by  Jon Weiss of Scotch Plains, who also participated in the tournament.

Seventeen members of Team USA were drawn from Bressaw's Middlesex Karate, a local school based in Edison. This group accounted for eleven of the nineteen medals won by Team USA, according to Mr. Weiss.

Shihan Bressaw, one of the four KSI Joint World Chief Instructors, and head of both American Shukokai Karate Union  (ASKU) and local dojos, was pleased with the tournament overall and Team USA's results according to the release.   He was quoted as stating that “preparing for and competing in the tournament raises the level of karate for our students whether they medal or not, and allows them to test how well they may perform their technique in a controlled pressure situation. I am very proud of our entire team” in the release.

Kata is an exercise consisting of a demonstrated pattern of 30-100 martial arts movements prescribed for defending against several attackers. Kumite is a form of combat utilizing controlled  striking and throwing techniques of karate without causing injury to the opponent.