The Metuchen Republican's hosted 2017 Republican Governor Candidate Joseph 'Rudy' Rullo at our monthly Municipal meeting last week at D'Novo restaurant in Metuchen.

About 20 people were in attendance where they were able to hear Joe, a former Port Reading resident and Woodbridge High School student speak about his ties to the local area and the issues he is running on. 

Joe introduced Metuchen’s own Republican Vice-Chairman Joe Furmato as his Middlesex County Campaign Coordinator.

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On the issues, Joe Rullo went into full detail about his campaign and how it would focus to repeal the $.23 gas tax, cut billions in political earmarked jobs and contracts, consolidate all highway authorities to eliminate redundant high level management positions, and eliminate high cost earmark & specialty contracts tied to contributors.

Joe intends to work to eliminate $1.3 billion in pension fees to NYC politically connected brokerage houses and replace the existing system with licensed brokers employed in the state investors division and re-allocate the savings towards the yearly pension payment.

He targeted savings by vowing to drastically reduce school Superintendents and business administrators. Instead of having one superintendent and one business administrator per school district, he wants to cut the number to one per county. By consolidating superintendents & business administrators, he stated that New Jersey can save $50 million per year by eliminating superintendents alone. He also targeted to eliminate municipal tax assessors and reduce the position to one per county and will fire hundreds of high-salary patronage jobs like indicted Port Authority’s David Wildstein, as an example, saving hundreds of millions of dollars to cut taxes.

Joe also showed us various media clips of him being interviewed and some very creative ads that have gone viral online. 

He also made us aware that establishment Republican party candidates Kim Guadagno and Jack Ciattarelli are doing their best not to mention him as a candidate in this year’s gubernatorial primary campaign. 

And he stated that it’s not just the party standard bearers ignoring Rullo.

Despite being the first Republican to file in the race, Rullo has often been sidelined in media reports covering the election, sometimes getting an honorable mention in the final paragraphs of election reports.

Rullo said that all registered New Jersey Republicans should be wary of candidates who did not endorse the entire Republican ticket in November.   Both Guadagno and Ciattarelli publically went against the Trump-Pence ticket in the 2016 election.

Joe is expected to take part in pre General Primary debates in all 21 of New Jersey’s counties and is targeting a Middlesex County debate to be held at a TBD location and date. 

The Middlesex County debate will be held prior to the March 25th Middlesex County Convention at Old Bridge High-school where all registered county Republicans can vote for who they want to be the county nominee.

Since this is a Republican primary race, the Metuchen Republicans did not officially endorse him and plan to host any other candidates or surrogates leading up to the June 6th Primary Election. 

Metuchen plans to have a February meeting.