MIDDLESEX COUNTY, NJ - The Middlesex County Republican Organization invites all Middlesex County residents who are interested in becoming Republican candidates for election to the State General Assembly, County Clerk, County Freeholder or local municipal office in the upcoming June 2nd Primary Election, to contact us to schedule an appearance at our candidate Screening Committee Meeting and subsequent County Convention.

State Assembly races will top the ballot this year. There are parts or the whole of seven legislative districts in Middlesex County. Currently, only Old Bridge and South Brunswick have Republican incumbents seeking re-election.  Consequently, the nominations for all other Assembly seats will be open to all interested parties.

At the County level, we will be nominating candidates for County Clerk and two (2) Freeholder seats. Unfortunately, most people do not know what Freeholders do. They run our almost invisible County government which in Middlesex County expends about $450 million a year of your tax money.

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The Screening Committee will interview candidates on March 11th and submit recommendations to the County Convention on March 21st which in turn will determine which candidates shall receive the MCRO endorsement and line on the Primary ballot.

Candidates interested in running for municipal office – council or mayor, will not be screened by MCRO but will be referred to their municipal committee for consideration.

Interested parties should e-mail their resume to:

MCRO Chairman Sam Thompson at thompson35@aol.com or mailed to MCRO, 5 Lincroft Avenue, Old Bridge, NJ  08857.

If you have questions, please contact MCRO Executive Director Lucille Panos at lp956@aol.com.