EDISON, NJ - Navratri, Garba festivasl in New Jersey began last weekend in Edison and Somerset, entertaining thousands of people past midnight. The festival continues for next two weekends at many locations throughout New Jersey.

Navratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. The word "Navaratri" means "nine nights" in Sanskrit. Navaratri is celebrated all over India with dancing (Garba), praying and fasting.

Garba is performed in a circle as a symbol of the Hindu view of time. The rings of dancers revolve in cycles, as time in Hinduism is cyclical. As the cycle of time revolves, from birth, to life, to death and again to rebirth, the only thing that is constant is the Goddess, that one unmoving symbol in the midst of all of this unending and infinite movement. The dance symbolizes that God, represented in feminine form in this case, is the only thing that remains unchanging in a constantly changing universe.

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1) IAFA Presents Apna Bazar Navratri 2015

Venue : 3775 Park Ave., Edison

October 16, 17 with Rex D'Souza

October 23, 24 with Devang Patel

Highlight: FREE DANDIA with advance ticket purchase

Contact: Nilesh Dasondi 732-979-4512

2) Patel Brothers and India House Navratri

Venue: Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset

October 16, 17 with Rang Tarang Group

Highlight: CARPET floor

Contact: Pradip Peter Kothari 732-259-6874

3) ICS Garba

Venue: Dunns Sports Center, Elizabeth  

October 16, 17 with Foram Shah

October 23, 24 with Sargam Music Group

Highlight:- FREE ENTRY before 9:30 PM

Contact: Rajesh Patel 848-219-5000

4) Rajsun Megastar Traditional Garba

Venue: NJ Expo Ctr, Edison

Oct 23, 24 Achal Mehta

Highlight: Traditional Garba from Baroda 

Contact: Kanubhai Chauhan 718-639-9200