EDISON, NJ,  - TAPinto.net is pleased to announce that New Jersey Information Services (NJIS) has franchised TAPinto Edison.   Edison is a culturally diverse and active community that deserves a local newspaper that is wholly dedicated to the needs of its residents and businesses.  TAPinto Edison is committed to serving the needs of the entire Edison Community, the fifth largest municipality in the State of New Jersey with a population of over 100,000 residents.

TAPinto Edison will serve as a trustworthy and reliable source for  the stories that impact you and your family. It is our duty to provide you with honest coverage of the daily events occurring throughout Edison.  In light of the ongoing consolidation in the news industry, and the paucity of local news coverage by most outlets, we understand the important nature of this service and the solemn responsibility that we owe to you, our reader.

As stories break, TAPinto Edison will continue to provide Edison residents with timely, accurate, unbiased, and relevant information.  From road closures, town-wide events and high school sports scores to emergencies, real estate development and local policy initiatives, TAPinto Edison is the go-to place for Edison  residents to get their local news.

With more than 75 online local news sites in New Jersey and New York and over 7,500,000 readers, TAPinto also provides a robust web and mobile platform to provide stories that are important to the community in real time.   Follow TAPinto Edison on Facebook here .