An evening of poetry, music and fun will be sponsored by the Edison Arts Society
on Friday, April 21, 2017 at the Barnes & Noble in Menlo Park Edison from 5:30 pm
to 9 pm.  Mara Levine, Edison's own, and nationally known folk singer will perform
as well as four others who will read original poems. 

The poets are:Lynette Birkins, Irwin Dunsky, Tom Plante and Ermine Plotkin.
Lynette started writing poetry approximately 20 years ago and has found her
voice on personal issues as well as sharing her love for poetry.

Irwin Dunsky also started writing about 20 years ago and it all started with
writing a letter after the passing of his beloved mother.  He has published two
books and approximately 3,500 poems.

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Amanda Lovelace is a poet and storyteller whose words have been shared with
many others.  She is a New Jersey native and has won the "Goodreads Choice Awards
Best Poetry" in 2016 and her most recent book is "The Princess Saves Herself."

Tom Plante was inspired to write poetry during his high school years.  The Welsh
poet Dylan Thomas was a great influence in his life.

Ermine Plotkin believes her poetry is a gift from God.  She feels deeply that
her poetry should be shared.  Ermine reads her poetry with great passion which
enables listeners to feel her love for life and nature.

Gloria S. Dittman, president of EAS, advises "EAS promotes local artists, including writers,
painters, photographers, dancers and musicians to further the EAS goal of
enriching our community through the arts." Membership is open to everyone and if
you visit  and/or like us on Facebook.  Need more information?
Call:  732.548.9134.