EDISON, NJ -  The township can field hundreds of calls per day, many centering on quality of life and infrastructure issues such as branch collections, bulk pickups, and potholes.   Most requests are made by telephone or the Township’s QAlert online system.  According to one township employee, the township fielded 165 phone calls on July 30th alone. In addition it received 10 to 15 online requests that day.

Most requests center on Public Works.  Information from that department showed that,  for 2018, Public Works has completed 5,925 QAlert requests as of Friday August 3rd. Township records show that of all requests between January 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018, almost 98% of requests were directed to the Public Works Department.   As of the end of June, 145 requests to the Public Works department remained open and an additional 368 remained in progress. However, Anthony Russomanno, the Director of Public Works, cautioned that these figures may not reflect cases that were completed but not officially closed in the Township’s system. He also explained that other cases are long-term projects.

The Public Works Department advised that the  “QAlert system is the most effective way to create a request as it immediately gets the request in our system 24 hours a day and the resident has the advantage of receiving an emailed confirmation of their request upon submission.” Residents who utilize the online system can do so by filing an online citizen service request (CSR). “We’re trying to streamline here to make the office more efficient” said Russomanno.

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What is a CSR and what can it be used for?

The online citizen service request is in place to keep Edison safe and healthy, and to provide an effective method of communication between the citizens of Edison and the township. CSRs allow residents to report any issues seen throughout Edison, including potholes, and unkempt lawns.

CSRs can be used to report an issue for any of the following departments:  Clerk’s office, Community Development, Emergency Management, Engineering, Finance, Fire Department, Health and Human Services, Human Resources/ Personnel, Information Technology, Legal, Library, Planning, Police, Public Works, Purchasing, Recreation, and Zoning.

How to create a CSR, and the process

CSRs can be created on the Edison township website. First the creator is prompted to enter a location of the issue they are reporting. Next, the creator of the CSR is asked to select the department of the issue they are reporting. The creator can then describe the issue and provide any pictures, if necessary. Last, the creator is prompted to enter their contact information, which will be used once the department receives their ticket.

Once the service request has been placed, the relevant division gets notified, as well as the creator of the request. As the issue reported is being worked on, the creator is updated of the status of their ticket.

To make a CSR, click here.