EDISON, NJ — On Jan. 21, Councilman Patil (1 of the 8 individuals being investigated for the 2017 racist campaign flyers) was scheduled to appear before the investigatory committee. Instead, Council President Robert Diehl issued a ten-minute statement explaining why the meeting would be postponed. 

On Nov. 4, 2020, Councilman Patil reached out to Postal Inspector David Comer, Councilman Alvaro Gomez, and Diehl, informing them he had information regarding the racist flyers. The four of them met on Nov. 5, 2020, at 11 am. Diehl revealed, “At that time, Councilman Patil stated he knew who was responsible for the flyer and shared a good deal of information. It included the names and roles of the people involved.” 

Councilman Patil was expected to appear before the Jan. 21 committee to share his Nov. 5 testimony with the public. However, several hours before the meeting, Patil sent a statement to Diehl that differed from his original testimony on Nov. 5. Patil also stated that he has retained legal counsel. 

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Diehl told the public: “The best course of action is to meet with Councilman Patil and give him an opportunity to share with us what he actually knows. We will be reaching out to Councilman Patil to set up a meeting with him and his attorney. Perhaps we can have another committee meeting as early as next week. The problem is that the Jan. 21 statement is different from what he said on Nov. 5.” 

The racist flyer case has been picked up by the State Attorney General’s office, and a detective has been assigned to further investigate.