EDISON, NJ – The Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park and the Edison Memorial Tower Corporation recently held its fourth annual meeting in the Edison Township Council Chambers at the Municipal Complex to provide an update on the tower.

The rededication ceremony, set for Oct. 24, is not only a local event but a statewide event.

“This is a once in life time event, if not a once in a life time experience,” Satish Poondi, rededication chairman said.

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The scaffolding was recently removed from the tower to reveal a restored exterior finish. The lower section of the tower and buttresses are waiting for warmer weather to be completed.

“We anticipate the tower renovation, the symbol of our great town, to be completed in late summer with our re-dedication to take place on October 24, 2015, “Len Sendelsky, TEMCP said.

Last year, approximately 13,000 visitors toured through the Tower and 1,200 Edison Second Graders enjoyed a spring field trip to learn about the Wizard of Menlo Park in the Shining a Light on Edison Program. 

Investors Bank representatives, De Angelina Inman, Asst. Vice President Branch Manager Kate Wrzesien, Assistant Branch Manager presented a $5000 grant check for educations programs.

The Edison Memorial Tower has a new website which will help keep members and the public updated with regular updates about events at the Thomas Edison Center and programs.


“I would like to thank Mayor Lankey, the Town Council, Middlesex County  Freeholders,  our dedicated Board Members and volunteers, the Terra Nova Garden Club, the Edison Boy Scouts for their Eagle Scout Programs, Middlesex County Labor Assistance Program, our student volunteers from Edison High, J P Stevens and Metuchen High School,” Sendelsky added. “Thank you one and all for you help and support which are an integral part of our Edison Tower team.”

This past year the 2nd Annual Memorial Tower golf outing was held at the Metuchen Country Club and the profits of which will be used for educational outreach programs.  The Metuchen Country Club dedicated a plaque on the 15th hole in honor of Edison's prototype Electric Railroad.

Tower Factoid: The tower has an existing lightning protection system that includes small metal spike conductors attached to the outside top of the glass bulb that are visible. These spikes are connected to thick copper cables that run down the entire length of the interior that are connected to several grounding rods.

The Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park is jointly administered by   the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Parks and Forestry, the Township of Edison, and the non-profit Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park.