With Nov 8th just right around the corner, people start asking “how do you feel?  What are your odds of winning?”  Those are very simple questions but it is hard to give a short answer.  

The past three months are replaying in my head so vividly: the over ten thousand doors my volunteers and I knocked; the wonderful events I attended from culture celebrations to block parties; the new friends I met; the speeches I gave; the moments in the late evening with high school students designing my campaign T-shirts; the special visits to fellow residents and parents; the conversations with teachers and school staff, and so on.  

How can I give a short answer?  For being the only Edison Board of Education candidate that is not endorsed by political parties or special interest groups; for the encouragement from a resident “I believe what you said, because you really care” after being rejected a block away; for the lending hands by a stranger while trying to replace missing lawn signs; for 50% property tax increase on residents like myself working hard to support my family; for the gap between South and North Edison students’ performance; for the innocence and curiosities in the eyes of 15,896 students attending Edison public schools, How can I?  Never can I.  

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Some issues have been around for years while new challenges keep arising.  However I do have a vested interest in our public school system since my two children are only in elementary school. I will work on every issue if I have the chance. The location of Edison and its public schools are the two major reasons for which my family moved in Edison more than 10 years ago.  My goal is to be able to afford to continue living in Edison and see both of my children graduate from our public school. I want a learning environment where my children can grow healthy mentally and physically and being challenged academically.  I want exactly the same thing for all students in our town and no students in Edison should be left uninspired.  All students should be nurtured to reach their full potential.

Getting things done is never easy.  I am the candidate with motives and qualifications that are required for our school community.  Being independent, I have no obligations to any political parties or special interest groups.  I will only work for the Edison residents. I will collaborate with fellow board members and our school community if elected.  Nothing can be more rewarding than having the opportunity to shape the future of our children. There is no short answer.  I work on solutions.  

I am asking you to give me the chance to serve you,  Please vote for Shannon Peng line J-4 on November 8th.