EDISON, NJ - The common adage “A family that plays together, stays together” rang true at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, when families gathered to participate in a variety of fun fitness activities at the second annual Family Fitness Night.

This event was sponsored by the Fuel Up To Play 60 Club, a student-led organization dedicated to making health and wellness improvements throughout the school community. Family Fitness Night was one of the initiatives conceived by club members to increase parent involvement at the school while also providing students and their families a healthy way to have fun. Students have been working since October to make this event a reality. They created flyers, spoke to classmates and teachers, and made announcements to spread the word throughout the school. The students also collaborated on creating fitness stations that would be fun for people of all ages and demonstrate how easy it is to be physically active at home.

The Family Fitness Night featured a rotation schedule with the following student-led stations: kettle bell wall-sit passes, plank hockey, agility ladders, vegetable relay races, partner stretching, jump rope skills and cardio tic-tac-toe. The enthusiasm of each club member who led participants through the activities truly helped the stations comes to life. It was clear by the smiles and laughter coming from the gymnasium that all families were having fun while exercising together.

Beyond Family Fitness Night, students in the Fuel Up Club are striving to improve school health and wellness by working closely with food service staff to make menu changes beneficial to our students, offering healthier food choices during after-school events, encouraging teachers to take physical activity breaks during class, and providing opportunities to engage in physical activity outside the school day. The club’s members have truly taken the TJMS motto, “Today we learn, tomorrow we lead,” to heart and have hit the ground running as peer leaders in our school