EDISON, NJ – Sierra, a Siberian Husky who came in as a stray recently to the Edison Animal Shelter was adopted.

Sierra is her name and she looks like a show dog with mesmerizing eyes that are crystal clear blue shimmering like an ocean on a light, breezy day that capture your heart the minute she looks at you. She is very energetic and strong with a calm, sweet gentleness about her.

She walks gracefully on a leash and loves to explore. She is curious and notices activity far in the distance. She is attentive, intelligent, knows some basic commands and takes treats very gently from your hand. She absolutely loves to play and turns into a puppy when you throw a ball! She is an absolute pleasure to be around.

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She needs exercise, play, a pack walk, mind stimulation and training to keep this working breed from getting bored. She would probably excel in advanced training classes if she had the chance. She would love to be your jogging and hiking partner but not if it is too hot outside. She needs weekly grooming most times of the year except twice a year she will shed excessively for about a 3-week period and will need daily grooming at that time.

She is a gem when being brushed. A very high fence that goes below the ground is preferred because this breed, in general, is known as an escape artist who can jump, dig and slip out of collars. She needs a calm assertive leader with experience to be healthy and happy. Also, your home must have air conditioning.

Before you inquire, please do some research on this breed. She would make a wonderful, loving companion in the right home. Click here to learn more about the Siberian Husky

If you are interested in meeting Sierra, please visit her at the Edison Animal Shelter at 125 Municipal Blvd., Edison, NJ 08817. If you have any questions, email EAS@edisonnj.org  or call at 732-248-7278.