HILLSBOROUGH, NJ - Police say a woman driving a late model pick-up truck tried to lure a young boy into the vehicle as he was walking home from a school bus stop on Dec. 5.

The incident occurred around 4:10 p.m. in the vicinity of 117 Bluebird Drive, according to police.

The age of the boy was not disclosed by police

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The boy got off the bus at Auten Road and Bluebird Drive and was walking home when the two-door pickup truck pulled up alongside him.

Police say the driver rolled down the window and said “Come in Honey” two times. Both times the juvenile said “No”. After the second request, the juvenile told the driver he was going to call police. The pickup truck then pulled away; the boy was unable to provide the license plate of the vehicle.

The driver is described as a white woman with tan skin tone, a wrinkled face, 50-60 years old, wearing black glasses with shoulder-length black, curly hair.

Hillsborough Police and Detective Chris McMinn are investigating this incident. Anyone with information that can assist in this investigation are urged to call Hillsborough Police at 908-369-4323 or McMinn directly at extension 7621.