Carol Bodofsky and Elizabeth Conway for Edison BOE

We have been Edison residents for over 30 years and have recently retired as Edison teachers.  We know how our town works, and we also know education. That’s why we are running for the Edison Board of Education this November. Carol Bodofsky and Elizabeth Conway – the 2 to vote 4!

We have been attending Edison school board meetings since before the Board of Education was elected-- back when the board was appointed by the Mayor.   Over the past twenty-five years, we have seen a lot and learned a lot about how a school district works.  We are now ready to work from the other side of the table as elected members of the board.

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With a combined teaching experience of almost 50 years, we know how classrooms really work. We can make common sense choices, based on that experience, to make sure we provide i“Nothing less than Excellence” for our students.

Since both of us have lived in Edison for decades and have raised families here, we understand  first hand the need for fiscal responsibility and the impact the school budget has on taxpayers. We know how to consider all options, and we’re able to make the tough financial choices that benefit both the children and the community.

Now that we’re both out of the classroom, the time is right for us to dedicate ourselves to this cause. That’s why we’re the 2 to vote 4. (Look for us on the ballot: Carol is in position two and Elizabeth is in position four)


Meet Elizabeth Conway!

I am Elizabeth Conway. I have lived in Edison for over 34 years. I am married and have been with my husband for over 40 years. We have three children, who have all gone through the Edison Public Schools. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education, with a minor in Psychology. I also received a Masters of Arts degree in Urban Education, specializing in Math and Reading for a Thorough and Efficient Education for all students from Jersey City State College.

After college, I went to work in New York City as an administrative assistant. While working for the owner and manager of multiple high rise buildings, I learned quite a bit about the running and managing of buildings and their upkeep. I received my Building Owners and Managers certificate while there.

After eight years, I left the work force to raise my children. When they were a little older, I started attending Board of Education meetings to get a feel for the school district my children would be attending. After more than 25 years, I am still attending regularly and giving my input whenever I feel my opinion would be beneficial. While raising my children, I got involved in many community activities. I was a Girl Scout leader, a soccer, softball, and basketball coach. I eventually volunteered my time as part of the executive boards of the town’s youth leagues.

PTA was also a big part of my involvement. I was the treasurer and then president of JMP’s PTA, later becoming the president of the Edison Township Parent Teacher Advisory Council. Presently, I am and have been for many years the chairperson of the PTA/PTO Scholarship Committee, which gives a scholarship to two of Edison’s finest students from Edison High School and J. P. Stevens High School.

Once my children were in school full time, I applied for a teaching position in Edison and taught for 16 years as a Special Education teacher at various grade levels and multiple schools. In June 2016, I retired and have kept up my resolve to continue to attend board meetings. In January 2017, I decided to become even more active with the Board of Education by choosing to run for one of the board positions. My varied backgrounds have given me the incentive to become more than just a part of the audience. I feel my opinions and knowledge will give the board another viewpoint as to how best to guide the district into the future. The goal of the district has always been “Nothing but Excellence” and I would like to help make sure that continues.


Meet Carol Bodofsky!

I’m Carol Bodofsky! I have lived in Edison for over 30 years, and in New Jersey all my life! I have been a teacher for over 30 years, taught in Edison for 20, and I am now retired.

I made a commitment to support the students and schools of Edison over 25 years ago, when I carefully chose Edison as the place where I wanted to raise my children. I have never regretted that decision, a decision originally based on the combination of low taxes and the educational excellence of the schools! The district has exceeded my expectations, in terms of instructional excellence and unparalleled diversity, and has prepared my daughters well for the 21st Century!

My husband, Lou, and I have two amazing daughters, one is a Librarian and the other is a Social Worker. I also have two wonderful sons-in-law, who are pretty awesome themselves! I took on key roles in Girl Scout and PTA leadership in Edison for many years and I am a member of St. Helena’s R.C. Church here in Edison.

I have actively attended Edison Board of Education meetings, since we moved to an elected Board in 1992. I like to think that some of my questions and comments to the board over the years have had a positive impact on our school district. Since I now have the freedom to devote more of my own time to the Edison Public Schools, I believe the time is right to move my efforts up a notch. I hope to keep the momentum of teaching and learning moving in a forward direction, to provide new generations of students with the education they need for the world they will live in!

Whether I am a Board of Education member or simply a concerned citizen, I will still be at the meetings every month and I will help to make a positive difference in our schools. The children of Edison are our future. Our future depends on the success of our schools and our students!