BAYONNE, NJ – SUEZ has made significant strides and contributions in the City of Bayonne in just five years. These changes are the direct result of a joint venture between Bayonne, SUEZ and private investors, to bring financial relief and infrastructure improvements to the City.

The partnership between SUEZ  and private investors has eliminated City debt and improved Bayonne’s finances with the initial payment of $150 million to the Bayonne Municipal Utility Authority in 2012. Within three years of the partnership Moody’s Investors Services changed Bayonne’s credit rating from Baa1 with negative outlook to Baa1 with a stable outlook for the first time in five years.

Another major accomplishment has been the investment made in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). AMI is used as a leak detection tool to aggressively drive down unaccounted for water.  Throughout the City, water meters, including every commercial meter, have been changed out. Many customers have seen positive results. Water meters are are now read electronically, which allows the detection of leaks in customers’ homes or businesses and helps to protect their budgets.  Because SUEZ monitors water flow hourly via AMI, potential leaks are now detected when water is used during non-traditional hours, such as overnight. As a result, over 1,100 customers received leak detection notification letters and have been able investigate leaks on their property.

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The critical improvements made in just the first five years of the agreement between the City and the joint venture has been captured in a special edition magazine titled: Five Years of Success and Improvements. The magazine can be found throughout the City’s municipal buildings as well as online at

Reliable tap water remains at an exceptional value- far lower than the average residential costs for electricity, gas or cable.  And in comparison to bottled water that faces less stringent health regulations, tap water is incredibly economical.  Supermarkets typically charge over $1 for a gallon of bottled water, which in many cases is just repackaged, expensive tap water, as opposed to the average cost to our residential customers who continue to pay less than a penny per gallon.

Part of running a reliable water supply system is to try to anticipate the unexpected. 

The improvements made since the last year and planned for the year ahead will help SUEZ maintain high-level service and superior water quality, despite ever-changing infrastructure challenges.