Kearny, NJ – “Our job is to make sure Kearny residents have access to clean water 24 hours a day.”

Meet Alexandra- She has been an integral part of the SUEZ family for close to 20 years. Alexandra has worked her way up in the company and has become a team leader for the SUEZ Kearny Operations. SUEZ believes it is important to introduce members of our team to our customers. They are the boots on the ground and the faces seen within your communities. We had a chance to catch up with Alexandra and learn more about her journey with SUEZ and the work the company is doing with the Town of Kearny to ensure service reliability every day.

Q: Tell us about your time with SUEZ, your experiences, and your career path.

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A: I started with the company in 2002, when it was United Water, as a temporary employee. In 2007, I was given the opportunity to become a full-time employee as an administrative assistant. In 2015 when United Water became SUEZ, I was asked to be the Executive Assistant to the COO. In 2016, when SUEZ was granted the contract in Kearny, I began to work on the transition team for the project, while I was still in my role as Executive Assistant. Once the Kearny contract was in full swing, I became a full time Kearny employee. Shortly after, I was promoted to Operations Supervisor and now this year I was promoted again to the Assistant Project Manager for SUEZ Kearny Operations.

Q: Do you feel as though your fellow employees at SUEZ had similar growth opportunities that you had within the company?

A: Absolutely. There is plenty of opportunity for growth within SUEZ and the company takes a very hand on approach to ensuring the success of every employee. Back in 2002 when I began as a temporary employee, I had no idea I would be where I am today. The opportunities SUEZ awarded me throughout the years allowed me to see that I did have a future in water management and operations. So, I began taking online courses at night, through SUEZ’ tuition reimbursement program, and last year I obtained my first water license.

Q: How has SUEZ benefited Kearny?

A: SUEZ has built a very good relationship with the Town of Kearny. Our team is very active within the community. Not only have we made it a point to build a relationship with them personally, but we have gained their trust when it comes to providing them with safe and reliable drinking water. We are in constant contact with the Town and have dedicated ourselves to providing quality service to each customer.