Edison, NJ – On Monday, the Edison Board of Education hosted Teacher Appreciation night.  Eighteen teachers were recognized as Teachers of the Year for the 2018-2019 school year.  A full listing of recipients is below.

“When I ask people who inspired them the most,  the most often answer is a teacher or a family member,” said Baninder Mahabir, the District’s Chief Academic Officer/Elementary Administrator. 

“Consider that for a moment, a parent or a family member generally has several moments over the course of several years  to make an impact.  A teacher usually only has one,” said Ms. Mahabir, who introduced a video honoring the recipients.

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Each recipient was introduced by the principals of their respective schools. 

“I speak this evening for the thousands of Eagles, a generation of Edison youth and literally dozens of district teachers and administrators who first learned their craft under the guidance of Ms. Kathleen Hendricks, Edison High’s Teacher of the Year,” said Principal Charles Ross of Edison High School, who introduced Kathleen Hendricks.  

“Running our child development classes, which include live preschoolers, Ms. Hendricks is an individual with seemingly endless energy,   unparalleled dedication and an ability to get adolescents to tap into their empathy and begin  to teach. Teaching is a noble profession and Ms. H sets the noblest example,” he remarked.  

“He cares about students, the whole student, the whole package,” said Gail Pawlikowski, Principal of J.P. Stevens High School who introduced the school’s Teacher of the Year, David Marzano.  Ms. Pawlikowski described his earlier role in the anti-smoking campaign and now the anti-vaping campaign.   “His goal is to educate them while helping them to develop character and guiding them to make healthy choices.”

“Algebra II is a difficult course but not if you are fortunate to have Mr. Marzano. He breaks down the concepts into manageable parts and gives the students all the support they need to be successful.  And the whole time he remains calm and kind,” she said.


SCHOOL                                                          RECIPIENT                                      

Lincoln ES                                                        Casey La Malfa                                 

Washington ES                                                 Kristen Schaffter                    

James Madison Intermediate                            Diane Mosko                                     

Benjamin Franklin ES                                        Denise Babst                                   

John Marshall ES                                              Genoveffa Rossiter                         

Menlo Park ES                                                   Tina Locasto                                        

James Monroe ES                                              Claudine Said                                     

Lindeneau ES                                                     Mary Clare Pegos                            

Woodbrook ES                                                     Linda Ciccarella                                  

Martin Luther King ES                                          Melissa Northup                               

James Madison Primary                                      Jamie Wolenter                               

 Herbert Hoover MS                                              Christina Cordero                          

John Adams MS                                                    Melissa Orzechowski                      

Thomas Jefferson MS                                           Stacy Bovadikov                               

Woodrow Wilson MS                                             Wendy Hurwitz                                               

Edison HS                                                              Kathleen Hendricks                         

J.P. Stevens HS                                                     David Marzano                                  

FDR/EELC                                                             Abigail Donington