Edison, NJ -  According to District officials, for years the Edison School District has been saddled with maintaining  clothing bins at numerous schools throughout the township.  The clothing bins, designed  to recycle and re-purpose clothing and other textiles, had become a repository for trash and debris littered in front of the clothing bins, they said. 

Recently, the Edison Board of Education moved to remove the clothing bins from school property. 

“I am sure that the initial purpose of these bins was good, but they really became a health hazard and an eyesore over the years. There was garbage, overfills of the bins, it became a dumping grounds and that’s not acceptable for our students,” said Edison Board of Education member Dr. Yuna Chen.

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At the request of multiple Board members,  Board attorney Ramon Rivera said  that he requested the background documents on the clothing bins. “Upon review it was revealed that the clothing bins were illegally placed on district property. The board did not authorize the contract with the vendor for the clothing bins - instead the former superintendent unilaterally entered into a contract on his own without board approval,” said Mr. Rivera.

Despite repeated attempts and proper legal notice, the owner would not voluntarily remove the bins, said Mr. Rivera.  “Multiple communications were sent to the owner of the bins asking for their removal,” he said.

In August,  the Edison  Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution terminating the illegal agreement with the vendor. 

The District began removing the clothing bins on September 9, 2019 from various locations on District property.  The District’s facilities department   transported the clothing bins to a secure area for storage until owner picks up the bins, according to Mr. Rivera.