METUCHEN, NJ - On February 21, The Brain Bunch hosted an event at Metuchen Public Library educating students about the brain. Utilizing hands-on demonstrations and activities integrating live brains, microscopes, circuits, and module based activities, the nonprofit organization educated a cohort of young learners, including a girl scout troop. In addition, the event awarded brain books, t-shirts, pencils, and brain erasers to students who won the activities. “It was very encouraging to see the curiosity amongst the students attending the session, especially the young girls whose involvement in STEM promises a future for neuroscience defined by greater diversity,” said Siddhant Kumarapuram Ganapath, founder of The Brain Bunch.

In celebration of NJ STEM Month, an initiative established by the New Jersey STEM Pathways Network, The Brain Bunch will be hosting more sessions educating students about the brain in March. The event at Metuchen was the second of three planned events at the library with the final session scheduled for March 28.