Based on a notice issued by Edison Board of Education, their last meeting will take place on Monday, December 16th. It will be a combined public and caucus meeting, which will take place at 312 Pierson Avenue, Edison. The meeting will begin at 6 PM. The public meeting, earlier scheduled for December 23rd, has been canceled. Residents of Edison and other members of the public who have questions, concerns, or suggestions, can utilize the public portion of the meeting to voice their thoughts.

The Board of Education also announced that their annual re-organization meeting will take place on January 6th, 2020 at the same location starting at 7 PM. Two new board members will be sworn in that day — Carol Bodofky and Shivi P. Madhukar each for a period of three years. Shannon Peng, a current board member, will also be sworn in for her second term. Additionally, a new president and vice president will be chosen by the board majority during the re-organization meeting. The president plays a crucial role in working of the board. Besides being responsible for agenda setting with the superintendent, the president also assigns committees to various board members. A major portion of the groundwork is accomplished through the committees, although vote of the board majority is still required for the recommendations of the committee to be implemented. Currently, some major committees include Policy, Curriculum and Technology, Facilities and Finance, Food, Special Education, Township Liaison, and Overcrowding committee.