EDISON, NJ - The federal government shutdown, now in its 28th day, has affected almost 800,000 federal workers according to several estimates. Middlesex County College (MCC) has decided to offer support to those affected by allowing students to apply for payment deferral.

According to MCC, individuals will still be required to apply for the College’s payment plan, but the application fee will be waived, and the first payment will not be due until two weeks after the end of the shutdown.

Interim President Mark McCormick said, “We realize there may be Middlesex County residents who are directly affected by the shutdown of the federal government. We want to work with them so they can continue their education, while still putting food on the table and paying rent or a mortgage. Those who are affected by the shutdown – whether they are a federal government employee or a contractor, or anyone else who has been impacted by the government closing – should visit our website and apply for the payment deferral.”

Spring Semester classes begin on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.  To apply for government shutdown tuition assistance, click here.