EDISON, NJ - The Edison Township Council voted Wednesday night to pass a resolution opposing the Pilgrim Pipeline. 

The Pilgrim Pipeline would carry Bakken crude, which is one of the most explosive types of oil in the world, through the Ramapo and the Highlands, potentially threatening the state’s drinking water supply and possibly putting residents at risk along the proposed route.

Edison is joining more than 35 towns, five county freeholder boards and both houses of the state legislature who have passed a resolution against the Pilgrim Pipeline. 

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According to Jeff Tittlel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, “The Pilgrim Pipeline could be a disaster for Edison, especially for public safety. We are glad Edison is standing up for the environment and against this pipeline.

“Not only could an explosion be detrimental to the lives and safety of Edison residents, it would threaten our first responders. No matter how new a pipeline is, all pipelines are prone to human error, accidents, and spills. The pipeline will lead to noise and air pollution for the community as well as impact water supply and well fields if a spill were to occur. The proposed route cuts through Edison near residential neighborhoods, schools, businesses, hospitals, and hazardous areas,” said Tittel.

The pipeline is planned to run through the Ramapo River Watershed in New York and New Jersey and would pass through or near the Buried Valley aquifer, tributaries to the Hudson River, the Hudson River, and the Catskill and Delaware aqueducts which provide drinking water to New York City. Of particular concern are potential impacts to the Passaic and Pompton Rivers, which provide drinking water to close to 1 million people as well as through the Highlands Preservation Area.

Toni Granato, assistant at the Sierra Club of New Jersey stated, “We are very excited that Edison decided to protect both the residents and the environment.  This resolution is very strong in its opposition to the pipeline.”