EDISON, NJ - Edison Township Mayor Thomas Lankey today released the following statement about the illegal dumping of used personal protective products at supermarket parking lots throughout town:

“Illegally dumping trash in the parking lots of supermarkets that have remained open to service our community is simply unacceptable.  We recognize that these are unprecedented times but I am asking for everyone to take into consideration the people working at our supermarkets and grocery stores and please refrain from dropping trash in the parking lots of these essential businesses.  People all over town are working together to try and protect themselves, their families, their friends and their neighbors.

We are fortunate to have some of these same friends and neighbors willing to work to keep essential businesses open. I am simply asking for everyone’s cooperation in being mindful of not only the inconvenience but, also, any potential contamination issues possibly associated with having to clean discarded latex gloves, protective face masks and tissues from these businesses’ parking lots.  Now, more than ever, we need to respect the fact that many are making sacrifices to serve our community and we all need to do our part to not increase that burden.”