EDISON, NJ - Following Governor Murphy’s announcement that parks will re-open across the state, Edison Township Mayor Thomas Lankey announced on Wednesday that Edison parks will also re-open this Saturday, May 2, at sunrise.  Mayor Lankey had previously closed parks in Edison following the Governor’s signing of an Executive Order that closed all state and county parks to further social distancing but left municipal parks to the discretion of each town.

Under Governor Murphy’s new directive, playgrounds, restrooms, pavilions, and visitor’s centers will remain closed and picnics and team sports will still not be allowed.  However, “passive recreation” will be allowed at the soon to be re-opened parks in Edison, including running, hiking, biking, fishing, boating, kayaking, and horseback riding.  Mayor Lankey’s decision to follow the guidance provided by state officials will also allow for the opening of the Metuchen-Edison Community Dog Park on Whitman Avenue and the Edison Boat Basin and River Walk on Meadow Road.

“From the beginning of this unprecedented situation we have followed the direction of our state and county leaders and listened to the advice of medical experts,” said Mayor Lankey.  “The decision to re-open parks across the state is an important first step in trying to regain a sense of normalcy in our communities and we will follow the lead of the Governor and state medical experts and re-open our parks in Edison as well.” 

Lankey continued, “We first closed our parks almost a month ago to try and combat the strain being placed on our critical infrastructures.  Our parks were dangerously overcrowded with visitors who were not observing social distancing rules and the resulting strain on our First Responders and our healthcare professionals had reached a tipping point.  As we re-open our parks, it is critical for our residents to continue to be mindful of social distancing rules as we fight this horrible virus.  Our residents have been exceptional while dealing with this terrible situation and I look forward to their continued cooperation as we all work together to keep our friends and neighbors safe.”