I read your statement and was disgusted by it. You have never spoken out about any racist incidents in Edison nor has the chief of police. It this climate you felt the need to claim that you care about all citizens of Edison.  Where were you when my daughter received the attached racist letter? There was not response from you or the chief of police.  Where were you and the chief when my daughter and I were spat on and told to go back to Africa while spewing racist stereotypes by an Asian-Indian person? When you spit on someone that is consider an assault, not if you are an African-American living in Edison. You had no comment and were not concerned.  Where were you when the two JP Stevens Band students decided to make a song out of the "N" word? The incident was substantiated in a HIB complaint. Once again you were not there.

So please do not pretend as though you care about ALL citizens because that is not true.  But, the chief had a comment when the girl was arrested in April because the victim was from another race.  This township is not exempt to racism but it depends who is on the end of the racism. If you are African-American you do not matter. I am well aware of how you are treated by Edison Police Department if you are African-American and it is not a pleasant experience. So your statement means absolutely nothing.

The racism in this town should have been address years ago but it was ignored by the administration and the city council.  When the protests are over things will go back to the way they have always been African-Americans being treated like they are not human. Has any one from this administration ever thought of speaking to your 6% African-American community? The answer would be no! They do not matter to this township. Everything that is hidden eventually comes to the light. This town almost destroyed my daughter mentally. But, I was not going to let a bunch of racist stop her of achieving her goals.