Edison, NJ -  With Labor Day weekend approaching, Edison officials placed an  Algal Bloom Advisory  for Lake Papaianni  on Thursday.  According to the Township, sampling and analysis by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection of algae found this week in Lake Papaianni has revealed levels of harmful algae at or above the NJ Health Department Advisory Guidance standards.

Residents are advised not to drink or have contact with the water including, but not limited to, swimming, wading, and watersports. Fish caught in this waterbody should not be eaten. Pets and livestock should not contact or drink the water.

If there is contact with the water, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection  recommends rinsing off as soon as possible with fresh water and seeking medical or veterinary assistance if people or animals are experiencing adverse health effects after being exposed to a bloom.

Red warning signs have been posted at access points to Lake Papaianni until such time as the algae levels no longer exceed the recommended levels.