The 2019 Sustainable Jersey Gardinier Environmental Grant Fund award to the Township (Edison’s 3rd SJ grant) last month was one of only two $30K Sustainable Jersey grants in the 2019 cycle funded by the Gardinier Environmental Fund.

The grant shall support the purchase and implementation of the New Age Solar Portable Power Generator (NAS PPG) and Mighty Box Batteries (MBB).  The NAS PPG MBB is a portable Photo Voltaic Solar Energy System.  Edison shall be the first municipality in NJ and the entire USA to purchase and utilize it. 


The NAS PPG is an all-aluminum foldable frame with four solar panels.  The Mighty Box is a military grade cabinet housing batteries and all related components to provide battery backup/energy storage.  The solar electricity generated by The PPG charges The Mighty Box batteries during daylight hours, maintaining optimum battery power for night usage.  


Designed for rapid deployment where emergency power is needed, The Mighty Power System requires no tools or special training.  Virtually labor-free, within several minutes of siting, the plug-and-play Mighty Power System is operational and powering critical devices.  

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Typically, emergency generators are dependent upon petroleum fuels, propane or natural gas, the supply of which can be disrupted and unreliable during times of natural and unnatural calamity, as was the case during Superstorm Sandy.  However, The Mighty Power System safely operates entirely on electricity created from solar energy (PVSE) and storage batteries.


Made in America, The Mighty Power System features innovative, new, green/sustainable prototypical products, of which New Age Solar is the exclusive designer, creator, fabricator, provider and distributor.  Preliminary electrical testing was certified by National Testing Services (NTS) of New Jersey.


Edison is a an energy-conscious, 10-Year Bronze Level Sustainable Jersey Community, with 175kW of PVSE operating solar energy systems at two locations and 20 completed NJBPU DIP Energy-Retrofit Subsidy Program Projects at municipal buildings, to date.


The need for innovative energy projects has never been more urgent as New Jersey tops the list as one of the fastest-warming states in the nation,” said Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey. “These grant recipients demonstrate leadership and a commitment to advancing climate action that will help New Jersey meet more ambitious targets moving forward toward a low-carbon future.”


“The Gardinier Environmental Fund is committed to conserving the Earth’s energy resources and enhancing renewable energy measures,” said Gene Wentzel, president, Gardinier Environmental Fund. “We are proud to stand alongside Sustainable Jersey, and to continue to fund worthy projects that support our mutual goals in New Jersey.”


Since 2009 the Sustainable Jersey Grants Program has distributed over $5.5 million in grants to New Jersey schools and municipalities to help make their communities more livable, environmentally friendly, and prosperous.