EDISON, NJ – In 2017, China passed its National Sword policy.   Enforcement of the policy, which bans 24 types of solid waste, including various plastics and unsorted mixed papers, from being imported into the country, began in January 2018.  

China’s policies on accepting recyclable waste have had an impact on municipalities, including Edison, according to Anthony Russomanno, Director of Edison’s Public Works Department.  For cardboard recyclables, the Township is currently receiving $150 per ton. However, for other recyclables, the Township pays $40 per ton for removal according to Mr. Russomanno, who said that this is a departure from the past when the Township received money for all recyclables.  

Accordingly, Township protocols on  recycling have been slightly modified and residents are now being asked to segregate corrugated cardboard recyclables, instead of placing them in the recycling bin.  

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“We are very proud of our residents willingness to participate in our recycling efforts. Thanks to those efforts Edison will receive $269,000.00 grant from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection this year. We will continue to expand our recycling efforts.” Mr. Russomanno told TAPinto Edison.

Here are a few tips to recycle right according to the Middlesex County:

DO recycle:

Plastic Bottles & Containers, coded with #1 and #2 only

Mixed Paper; paper, newspapers, magazines , soft cover books

Cardboard; corrugated

Cans; aluminum and steel (tin) cans

Glass Bottles and Jars: all shapes, sizes, and colors

DON’T recycle:

Plastic Bags: i.e: grocery, ziploc, garbage bags


Shredded Paper

Greasy or food contaminated items

Syringes, batteries and bulbs

Dishware, glass, and mirrors

Plastic: #3-#7

Pots, pans, and small appliances

Tanglers: i.e., garden hoses, electric cords