After reading the response from Mayor Lankey several times I am convinced that he does not get it.  He spoke about how great the Edison Police Department is and most citizens of this township know that is not correct. 

First, if you Google them you will see they are not as he is portraying them to be.  Second, the one thing that he left out was that he stands with the black community.  Instead he took the politically correct route and said that he stands with all the citizens of the community. I have not heard anyone from Edison actually say that black people are treated unfairly. Furthermore, I never expected anyone from this administration to comprehend what the black community has to deal with day to day.

I live in Colonial and the Edison Police do not patrol here and they have never reached out to anyone in this community to address any concerns. They think that everyone that resides there is on welfare, section 8 and do not work, which is the typical stereotypes that we endure. 

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Their thinking is incorrect! The units here do not go by your income.  There are people here that pay $1200 - $1400 a month to live here.  There is only about 10% section 8. HUD removed the subsidy in 2004 for fraud within the management. This is the reason why there is so much anger in America.

Towns and cities across America like Edison are ignoring the problem. 

The Edison Board of Education is no different.  Under the help of Gail blacks were suspended at higher rates and a high percentage were placed in level 2 and special education.  Their education did not and does not matter. Until they admit that there is a problem there will never be change and the statement from Mayor Lankey is not addressing the racial inequalities that are prevalent in Edison.